Lighting Controller


KiteSpring's ceiling-mounted MeshNode lighting controller has integrated motion (PIR) and ambient light sensors, in addition to dual 0.1% step 0-10V control interfaces for dimming and tunable white CCT control. Each MeshNode participates in a Wireless Mesh network for in-building control signaling and for wireless wall switch integration.

Input power 12-24Vdc with choice of wired low-voltage onOff or external relay control. Spring-loaded quick-mount to ceiling tile, or mount to a ceiling box.

Install, Management and Local Control

MeshLight iOS App

The free KiteSpring MeshLight iOS App is used to setup new MeshNodes, define lighting groups, and provision policies. Software updates, and pushing out lighting policy updates to affected rooms/groups can all be done directly from the App.

Full network security key lifecycle management supports separate application security domains for lighting and other services, as well as automated rekeying in support of node replacement, changes in administrative personnel or partial/full handover of network to a new tenant.

Empower occupants to locally control intensity of lighting directly overhead without the hassle of distributing security credentials.


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