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Planning and deploying a lighting control system doesn't need to be hard. Neither should future modifications as your building accomodates remodeling, new occupants, or shifting collaboration patterns. Choose the LED luminaires you want, whether it is for estethical or last-minute value engineering, and an industry-standard low-voltage 0-10V luminaire control interface, for maximum flexibility.

Eliminating long control wire runs, availability of product quick-mount options and reducing use of line-voltage relays simplifies installation and expands pools of eligable contractors. Simple, app-based commissioning performed at install time, or by a facility manager, cuts down on the number of contractor site visits and ensures further adjustments can be done without involving a lighting control expert.

Installation Flexibilty

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The ceiling-mounted MeshNode is a sensor-equipped lighting controller. MeshNodes automatically form a Wireless Mesh network for building-wide, peer-to-peer, real-time control signaling. Integrated ambient light and occupancy sensing in every MeshNode provides a single SKU solution for meeting energy code compliant occupancy/vacancy and daylighting.

Each MeshNode controls up to 8 luminaires by daisy-chaining 0-10V control wiring. All models also support a second circuit for tunable white CCT selection. With a 12-24Vdc input power range, MeshNodes can be powered from off-the-shelf isolated AC/DC power supplies, an LED driver aux port, or industry standard Power Packs. Each MeshNode can additionally accomodate either a low-voltage wired On/Off momentary wall switch input, or control PowerPack relays for occupancy-switched lighting circuits, receptacles or HVAC control (as permitted by local wiring practices)

All installation and commissioning is performed through the MeshLight iOS smartphone/iPad App. Create a room group and thereafter add un-provisioned MeshNodes to the group and select applicable lighting policies. The integrated sensors on each MeshNode reduce time to commission occupancy and daylighting policies as required for code compliance in many local jurisdictions. Define and apply room-specific policies for open-offices, shared common areas or conference rooms.

Further simplify installation with no-wire self-powered Bluetooth wall dimmers. Default setup associates dimmer/switch inputs and relay control outputs with local interfaces. During commisisoning one can freely associate with sub-groups or controlled resources elsewhere.


  • Wireless Mesh whole-building wireless replaces control wire runs to distant centralized controller.
  • Single pass, code-compliant room commissioning directly from installer smartphone.
  • Co-exist with legacy lighting control approaches. Simple upgrade path for phased renovations.
  • Increase reliability by eliminating single-point-of-failure room controllers and routers
  • Simple to make post-installation lighting additions/ modifications




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