Great lighting inspires and enables occupants to work at their full potential. Choose a lighting control solution that adapts to your organizational needs.

From design, through installation, to fully code-compliant commissioning we simplify the process without sacrificing luminaire selection freedom. Manage all aspects of building-wide lighting directly from a smartphone, and when ready, leverage for additional smart building services such as HVAC control, asset tracking and building analytics.

Agile Building

Lighting that supports your mission

Replace uniformly lit spaces with lighting that inspires, promotes wellbeing, and enhances collaboration. Flexible lighting control that accomodates individual occupants' needs, and longer term changes to how each space is used. Adhere to sustainable energy management practices without sacrificing lighting quality.

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Install Friendly

Get it done

Faster, and lower cost, LED lighting system install for renovations and new construction:

  • Wireless Mesh whole-building wireless replaces control wire runs to distant centralized controller.
  • Single pass, code-compliant room commissioning directly from installer smartphone.
  • Co-exist with legacy lighting control approaches. Simple upgrade path for phased renovations.
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Smart buildings

Manage the complete building network from a smartphone, without needing to walk around. Interoperable Wireless Mesh, with robust security, provides a solid foundation for carrying additional types of building control traffic. Doesn't interfere with or degrade WiFi.


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