Agile Building

Lighting that supports your mission

Replace uniformly lit spaces with lighting that inspires, promotes wellbeing, and enhances collaboration. Flexible lighting control that accomodates individual occupants' needs, and longer term changes to how each space is used.

Adhere to sustainable energy management practices without sacrificing lighting quality.

Adapt lighting to occupants needs

Enhances lighting quality and lower the effort of supporting collaboration, teamwork or new occupants. Previously, remodeling or rearranging seating resulted in suboptimal lighting or additional expense and time to re-engage a commissioning agent. Now, control changes can now be made directly from the KiteSpring smartphone App without specialized equipment or training.

Integrated sensors automatically tailor light to natural daylight and occupany. Gradual 0.1% step fade-up/fade-down ensures changes are non-disruptive to adjacent workspaces. Native support for tunable-white and daylight-synchronized circadian cycles promotes occupants' attentiveness and health. Personlized local control from a smartphone empowers occpupants to tailor lighting levels to their tastes, and as needed to accomodate increased levels for your older experienced personnel to remain fully productive. An extra bonus - it prolongs the economic lifetime of your LED lighting.


  • Flexible spaces - re-tune lighting to meet changing needs and remodelling
  • Increase occupant well-being through circadian light patterns
  • Energy savings of ~60% in office environments
  • Extend LED luminaire economic lifetime



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